Greetings! I'm Yutaka Ishida, the owner of Kaikodo.
My love for vintage toys has developed to the point
where I had to make a webpage.

Swept up in the antique toy-boom of the last few years,
I began to collect toys again nearly 20 years after graduating
from elementary school, when I first encountered most of
these pieces. The desire blossomed suddenly,
and I began to collect toys I couldn't afford as a kid,
and to re-purchase ones that I'd thrown out.
I began to recapture my enjoyment of long ago.

As you can quickly see from my page,
I have almost zero knowledge of recent toys.
(For example, I only know Ultraman up to "Ultraman 80";
"Tiga" and "Dyna" are complete mysteries to me.)
I don't know if this will prove disappointing to any readers,
but please forgive me in advance.

Company Kaikodo Co.
Director Yutaka Ishida
Foundation 1997.11
Address 1-13-10 Kotobuki Okegawa-shi Saitama 363-0016 JAPAN (Office)
Tel +81-48-779-7676
Web http://www.kaikodo.net/
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